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Kerrang! 30th April 2014

Kerrang! 30th April 2014

Audio: Rebel Girl

Artist: Bikini Kill

Album: Bikini Kill: The Singles

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Rebel Girl // Bikini Kill

When she talks I hear the revolution
In her hips there’s revolution
When she walks the revolution’s coming
In her kiss I taste the revolution


i know promo results were supposed to be up friday but i got really busy over the weekend so they will most likely be up tomorrow. sorry for the delay…


top: caitlyn0930: best moment, mr. @petewentz hugging a fan while on top of the crowd

bottom: omgmichelle: snuck into the @falloutboy pit today and met a really cool girl with the same name as me. here’s a pic i took of her crowd surfing into @petewentz’s arms. you go, michelle.

Audio: Saturday

Artist: Fall Out Boy

Album: Take This To Your Grave

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Saturday - Fall Out Boy

I’m good to go for something golden

“I think we are a band that goes with the flow. Our only real aspirations and to be as good as we can be. We just kind of write whatever ways we can get. Yeah, for us, we already achieved more than we ever, ever, ever thought we could achieve. And we’re very thankful for that. We just want to play music for our fans, sing together and have fun — for as long we could possibly be doing that.” - Taylor York


fall out boy // 8.31.14


fall out boy // 8.31.14



ok so i dont know how i havent done this before and i said i would do one when i hit 8k and im kinda late for it but here it is at last and i brought friends hehehe

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ok good luck!!

MONUMENTOUR ↔ Patrick Stump | AUSTIN (08.02.14) 

MONUMENTOUR Patrick Stump | AUSTIN (08.02.14